Investor Relations

Vital Digital Global Corporations (VDG) is a private corporation with no debt burden and 6 years of constant growth. Its virtual business operations, technology development and outsource manufacturing has made it one of the most efficient companies to date. With two main trademark products: Digi-cards & Digi-codes (patents pending), producing and manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies, with presence in over 30 countries and worldwide distribution via its global licensing, VDG expects to produce "One Digi-card Per Second" before the end of the present year and to launch an IPO at the end of 2013.

VDG also contemplates serious venture capitalist offers, for a prospectus please contact:

  • Samantha Jaffe Slim
  • (305) 600-2028
  • Vital Digital Global Corp.

Or contact us via form with subject: "VDG Prospectus"